Not too much happening today… I work… I send the kid to school… I come home and work some more… I’m STILL in “unpacking” mode, and trying to work out some new decor for rooms as well. Managed to pick up a GORGEOUS antique-y looking headboard (and the bed to go with it… NOT antique-y) this weekend for my “guest bedroom”. It’s one of those white wrought-iron looking scroll-y ones…. looks absolutely GORGEOUS with the pale pink duvet and pretty tapestry throw blanket I have in there. And my mom (who’s currently staying in that room) bought herself an old-fashioned chamber pot set… the pot in the bowl thing… it’s mother of pearl with pale pink flowers and grey accents…. just another thing to TOTALLY bring the room together… damn, it’s too bad she’s going to take that pot with her when she leaves… it’s just TOO darling in that room. Oh well, it all looks really stunning for now…  I’m almost done in the bathroom too… just have to hang up my “foofy” (as a friend of mine calls ANYTHING decorative, shoes and clothes included) stuff. Ah… and then the debate on what room to do next, should I move downstairs and finish the living room?? or maybe my bedroom… I REALLY need to find some nice cushions/throw pillows for my sofa… and bed… and wherever else I want them… especially my bed though… I know it seems kinda lame of me, to put a bunch of pillows that aren’t even going to get USED as pillows on a bed… but come on!!! it’s PRETTY!!! lmao… heh… try explaining THAT to a man!!! The conversation goes something like this:

HIM: ok, tell me WHY we need 15 pillows on the bed??

HER: because it looks pretty.

HIM: so we’re not actually going to USE these pillows for anything???

HER: Yes, they’re a decorative accent, it makes the room more welcoming.

HIM: So does a naked wife….+dramatic pause, to wink and leer+…. and it’s CHEAPER!!!!

HER: ugh…. i give up!!!

so yeah… i’m working on that… for now, i’ll content myself that he let me put up wall sconces, despite the fact that he thinks candles on walls are pretty much nothing but a fire hazard…