So… I”m an idiot. I imagine only the most special kind of clutz could have pulled off what I did this weekend. Picture this if you will, I’m in three inch heels, half in the bag, on hardwood, dancing up a storm… and stayed on my feet with NOOO issues…. go to the next day, and in sports sandles, sober as a judge,  my dumbass trips in a hole and damn near breaks my ankle…. Not fun… So, here I sit, embarrassed as hell, having to explain to my boss (who knew I was at a wedding on saturday and going to be drinking) that I managed to teeter drunk on my heels all night with no problem, but an itty bitty dip in some new sod brought me down like David did Goliath. Boourns!!! My only saving grace at the moment is that my ankle is, fortunately, NOT broken…. just sprained really bad.. So I’m off my feet for at least two days… probably should use crutches for the next week though… because xrays don’t show the ligaments well enough to know whether or not I just pulled them or if they actually tore. Yay me!!! Fun times for sure. Good news is, that I’m off work for a whole two days.. give me some time to catch up on quality laziness… lol.. can’t exactly vaccum while using crutches or hopping around on one foot… (trust me, I DID actually try… it was NOT pretty and involved a lot of sweating and cursing)… ah well.. i needed a break..