Well, what to say… I’m a basketcase at the moment… everyone around me… pregnant.. or just had a baby… and me, filled with a WONDERFUL cocktail of hormonal goodness (is my sarcasm coming across properly??? or should I add some more just to make it REALLY cutting???) is having to tolerate it all… all in the hopes of acheiving something that MAY or MAY NOT happen…. 70% of women on my happy little trip of wonder drugs obtain pregnancy in the first 3 months…. well la-dee-f’n-da.. in the meantime, I get to pretend to be filled with wonder and joy at all the magical human-making around me when all I REALLY feel like doing is sitting in my room, like a hermit and crying, screaming and throwing things….

Possibly ripping the heads off of poor defenseless husbands… kind of like mine, who all bewildered wonder what it is they can do to help… when there IS nothing they can do, short of clubbing me over the head with a hammer until I manage to get pregnant, and then after nine months more of hormonal hell become a sane, decent (while sleep-deprived and most like post-partumly depressed) human being again…. (assuming I ever WAS a sane decent human being)…

and sidetracked again… whatever… time for me to go sleep… maybe…. if i can… stupid prednisone….