Ok, so maybe I’m just too sensitive or something, but SERIOUSLY??!!! COME ON!!!! How much time can ONE WOMAN spend listening to other people BITCH about morning sickness???!!! In the same week that she’s had vomitting and diarrhea (i know, TMI) so bad it makes morning sickness and constipation look like a happy beach vacation??? All these things CAUSED by medication for INFERTILITY!!!!

I’m in awe, really I am, of the insensitivity of people. You’re pregnant and you’re happy, FINE… I’ll deal with that, and hopefully you’ll never know how much it hurts me. (even though, after this week I’m actually feeling kinda numb about the whole thing)… but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE… STOP bitching to me about how AWFUL you feel. You want to feel awful??? You want to whine about being sick??? Well, then you can trade places with ME!!!!