Heh… yeah, I know… you would THINK that this post has NOTHING to do with ACTUALLY kidnapping a russian… well, you would be wrong!!!

Welcome to the wonderful world of living on a Canadian Military Base, where your friends do crazy shit, and then write about it in their blog because it’s the ONLY interesting thing happening in their lives right now…

So, back to the kidnapping. It all started yesterday afternoon. I volunteered to drive a friend in to our local hospital for some testing she had booked, and while there, discovered that it was another mutual friends’ birthday. 21st birthday to be exact. Well, this friend is from Russia, and he’s never had a birthday in Canada before… and it was his 21st birthday. Young, single, and alone on his 21st birthday, well… that just WON’T do… So, since it was Rememberance Day today (meaning- no work), we decided on the fly to throw him a little “surprise” party. Since this was more or less COMPLETELY by the seat of our pants, we stopped in at a dollar store, picked up streamers, wrapping paper, and bows.. and a BIG light-up button that said “birthday boy”…  and a few greeting cards, just for fun. Oh, and did I mention, we also found a mini disco-ball… heh…

So, with no one the wiser, we toddle on back to the base, and proceed to go to what is known as the “shacks” or singles quarters. For those of you who have NO idea what I’m talking about, it’s like a dorm. Bedrooms, communal bathroom…. smells bad, I’m sure you get the idea…. So, yeah, two WOMEN…. sneaking into this building… (that’s housing for MEN only!!) to PLASTER a doorway with wrapping paper, streamers, ribbons, and bows… and ONE mini disco ball…. heh… did i mention the bows were pink and purple??? heehee

Once we complete this, we run around to pick up pizza, vodka, cake and skittles. Managing to arrange everything in a span of two hours. Including using a syringe to take said vodka and “infuse” the cake with it…. heh… (vodka goes surprisingly well in chocolate cake!!!!) And here’s where the actual “kidnapping” takes place. After stopping at my home to drop off supplies, we grabbed my husband and a pillow case, and run back over to the shacks to surprise our friend. Well, our timing could not have been better, no sooner did we find a hiding spot and get the camera ready to go, we hear someone enter the building and start making their way down the hallway… who soon notices that their door is PLASTERED with stuff, and thinks it’s pretty hilarious. (the picture of the look on his face is even MORE priceless)….. so yeah, we let him get changed out of uniform… pop the pillow case over his head… and drag him over to my house for a fun-filled night of pizza, vodka, and rock band!! woohoo!!! (aren’t we a bunch of party animals eh??)…. but it was FUN!!! and how many OTHER people do you know who can say that they’ve kidnapped a crazy russian???!!!

I’ll see about posting some pictures later, after I figure out HOW to do so with my new camera!!!!