Heh… sorry to all the non-existent internet peoples who may read this title and think that I have finally obtained my BFP (big fat positive, which would mean that I’m pregnant and this is no longer an “infertility blog”). While, such MAY be a possibility, I won’t know for a few days yet. (and YES… somehow, I have managed to NOT test every single day this week, I have been a good girl, and waited…) But, you may have noticed that I said pregnancy, FINALLY may be a possibility. If the TWO seperate interweb fertility charts are to be believed, I OVULATED!!!!!! waaaaahoooooooo!!!!

I know, I’m a nerd… but this IS big news for me. I’ll hopefully know later today if the whole ovulation thing is for real, or just another dashed hope for me. At this point, I’ll take the ovulation and run, even if I don’t get the BFP. It’s enough for now, just knowing that this MIGHT ACTUALLY WORK!!! And the 2 and a half YEARS of agonizing over every little twinge, just to miss another period, and the hot flashes and moodiness from (heh, only once cycle so far, but REALLY??? If it weren’t for my “fat wit bebe” chances on it, Clomid would be the devil!!!) fertility meds. (don’t even get me STARTED on the metformin!!!!).

Ah… baby steps to having a baby…. I think this is actually really real for me now. So, here’s to the needlepokes of hope later today!!! I hope there’s good news… pray for progesterone for me!!!