Ok…. so I am officially off my rocker. Because it’s REALLY REALLY REALLY hard to predict ovulation when you don’t ovulate, I am a very very neglegent charter. But, this month, because I REFUSE to not let the control freak in me have a LITTLE bit of free rein, I decided to attempt the charting thing again…. and lo and behold, (as far as the chart(s) are concerned), yes Virginia, I DID in fact ovulate this month!!! woohoo!!! But not only THAT… I’m happily doing a little dance to the tune of 36.5. Why, you ask?? Because it’s a RAISED temperature. And for those of you (hahahah- oh, the invisible internet people I talk to, is that the same as talking to yourself while walking down the street??? i hope not, i think i’m cracked enough!!) sitting there in bewilderment wondering “WTF is this lady TALKING ABOUT!!!???”, I will explain.  In most cases, a successful ovulatory period, followed by a continued rise in temperature, often signals pregnancy. It’s referred to as a triphasic pattern. The definition (pulled from Fertility Friend’s website) is the following:

Definition of Triphasic Pattern:
For the purpose of this study, a triphasic pattern is defined as a sustained “third level” of higher temperatures beginning at least seven days after the ovulation rise.

Well, my temp went up yesterday… on day 7… and stayed up!!!!! wooooohoooo…. I know… lame ass me, getting all excited over what’s probably nothing. But truly, I can’t seem to help it. Heck, the day that the chart showed me an OVULATORY pattern I was so happy I could have burst. I’m really an optimist deep down inside, and a BIG part of me can’t help but to hope that the infertility bit is over and I’ll FINALLY get a pregnancy. The little kid part of me just stomps her foot and says “it’s MY turn dammit!!!” So yeah… I’m going to go have my little multiple personalities a happy party… and hit up dollarama for a whackload of tests to pee on… because compulsion is a hard thing to ignore!!!