Heh.. since I know all of you (hahahahahaha… that joke NEVER gets old) have been just DYING to know if I actually went crazy and bought an entire stores’ supply of Dollarama pregnancy tests. 

Well, let the curiosity end here. While I did NOT buy a GAZILLION el-cheap-o pee sticks, I DID get some friends to bring me out ONE… those friends now think I’m INSANE.

Let the crying and shaking begin-

heh… my girlfriend just looked at me and said, but I thought you WANTED to be pregnant???

omg… heh… did I just say what you THINK I said.

YES OMFG YES!!!!! hahahahahahahhaahahahahahahahaha…..

so I see the RE (fertility doc) on Friday. (The appt. was already sched a month ago, he wanted to go over my bloodwork to make sure I was ovulating on the clomid- heh… guess I was eh??) And HOPEFULLY he will release me into the care of a nice normal OB. yay….

For now, I’m off for some quality cuddle time in front of the TV with hubby. Will update on the CRAZY hormone lady later!!!