SOOOOOOOOO….. What’s new in the land of MOI???

Um, instead of shaking and crying while waving a pee stick around like an insane person, I have now moved on to bigger and better things.

Crying, screaming, and puking.

Heh… I’m like an infant, (minus the BMs, because, *TMI ALERT* i’m not having any!!)

Yeah… did I mention I’m LOVING every second of it??? Truly I am!!! I know, I’ve officially gone OFF my rocker!!! Tomorrow is the big day with the RE where he can tell me I never have to see him again!! (I hope) YAY!!!

In other news, I think my husband thinks an alien life form has taken over his wife’s body and is controlling her every move. One second, I’m laughing, almost hysterically over something very triflingly funny, and the next, I’m ripping his head off because he forgot to put the toilet seat down. And then crying, also hysterically, over being so upset at him, and feeling like he just doesn’t care about me anymore. It’s an interesting development, and leads me to believe that I can say “f*&^ the temperatures” I’m going to pin my ovulation on when I FELT my ovaries feeling like they were going to explode. Because given the symptoms, I’m either a week or so further along- or… there’s more than one… and that’s just scary!!!