Ok… so I had a few episodes of nausea… a couple of episodes of actual vomitting…. well the “morning” (afternoon, evening… pretty much all the f’n time) sickness has hit full force.

It has led me to make the decision that I will NEVER eat out again for at LEAST the next six weeks. TWICE in the last week, have I attempted dining at a table not my own. TWICE have I paid the consequences of grossing out at least one other person occupying a public bathroom, for no better reason than they had the misfortune of being in there at the same time as the “puke machine” as I have now dubbed myself.

Even better… I can’t WAIT until someone decides to pull into my spot in our driveway… hope to GAWD they don’t have a passenger… I left them a present!!! I’m so mortified. All I can think is thank GOD for snow, it helped cover up the puddle I left when we got home. Imagine the fun of freezing your ass off, leaning out the side of your SUV ralphing in your own driveway. And not because you were shitfaced either!!! *sigh*

All good things… At least I know I’m still pregnant!!! 😀