Ok… so this is pretty sad but I honestly can’t remember when the last time I posted was, and I’m pretty sure it was before my ultrasound. Which was a week and a day ago… and I REALLY should have updated sooner, but I have a REALLY good excuse.

I moved the day of my ultrasound and had no interweb for like, four days… and then, it was the day before christmas eve… and I was wrapping pressies that I’d only just bought the day before that… good enough???

So, either way, the holiday was good, the food was amazing! (I spent most of the last two days in a turkey coma) and gifts were wonderful. To give as well as to get!! Hubby and I managed to pick out (and pay for even!!) our new built-in dishwasher! Which will be here on the 5th… and what’s that you say?? Cut the crap and banalities and tell us about the bloody ultrasound?!!!

Well, okay then, since you *all* asked so nicely, I will tell you.

Other than seeing the heartbeat (yes, only one!!) it was a completely unremarkable ultrasound. Everything is as it should be. I’m slightly less far along than we originally thought I was, which either means, I ovulated “late”, (which I know  is the case here, because I charted it!!) or I implanted late. (which is almost impossible given when I got my +’ve result). I had a MILD heart attack at one point when the ultrasound tech casually mentioned that my doc had notated this as a possible ectopic. But, he was wrong, I was right, and all is well in my world. And we have now come up with a cutesy-pie nickname for the baby. It’s jellybean. This came from my sis-in-law, who upon seeing the ultrasound photo, pronounced that “it looks like a jellybean” and the name has stuck. (In actuality, the yolk sac is what looks like a jellybean. Jellybean actually looks more like a tic-tac inside a jellybean, but who’s counting??!!) So, my poor baby, is going to be saddled with this until he/she is old enough to kick auntie’s ass!! I am soooo excited!! As strange as it seems,  this is only actually really becoming real to me now. It’s funny, because I’ve been experiencing several pregnancy symptoms, however, I experienced most of this while taking the fertility meds too!!! As for now, I’m just waiting patiently for the second trimester, and movement, and my organs being used as soccer-ball practice dummies… Stay safe little jellybean…. mommy loves you!!