Yes… Not only am I a comment whore, I’m also a thief… I stole this from DD (here is the link to the original post since I’m technologically inept and can’t figure out how to make her name the link: She is the inspiration for my foray into blog-land, and if you read her hilariously funny, but also poignant ramblings, you will see why. 😀


That’s me whoring for comments. And since I realized it’s National Delurking Week (pretend that I’m from whatever nation you are from), you can meet me in the back alley and I won’t have to face the pimp hand any time soon. January 4 – January 10, 2009.


You’ve been dieing to tell me I’m an asshole? Or you need to admit anonymously you enjoy going commando? Or maybe to share what your favorite jelly bean combo is? Here’s your chance.

Comment whore? You bet. Subtle, I am not.