So, today was fun.

I spent most of this morning in tears… for pretty much no reason… I called my husband blubbering and warned him that if he came home at lunch to find me in a blubbering mess in the fetal position, not to worry, it’s just hormones. So he came home at lunch… and I hid for most of it… because I was mad. REALLY f’n mad…. I told myself that it was because I had his lunch made at the time he TOLD me to have it made by… and he was late. But that really wasn’t it… I was pretty much just mad for NO REASON!!!

And so I slept all afternoon…

Only to wake up… and be sad again…. ugh.. ok.. fine… now I’m happy. Laughing and enjoying my life… while killing other people virtually while hollering obscenities. 😀 Anyone who says video games are bad may kindly rot in hell!!! 😀  But it’s been like this ALL day… I almost wish I was puking instead. It’s like, oooooh… pregnancy symptoms are tapering off!! yay!!! and then my hormones turn around, give me the finger, and say “ooooooooh nooooo… we’re not DONE with YOU yet!!!”

So yeah… enough bitching for one day… I am le tired…. so I will have zee nap.. and then go fire some more meesells… 😀 (if you don’t get that, you need to see the animated short of the end of the world… I would post a link… but like I said: I am LE TIRED!!)