Today was one of the worst days of my life.

*this is me inserting a TMI notice…. you might not want to read this as it includes blood, and BMs…. and also sex… or lack thereof*

I knew I was pushing my luck yesterday going into a cleaning frenzy (had >24 hours notice that company was coming to stay the weekend- moved 6 days before xmas while preggers… my house was a freakin DISASTER!!!)… And of course, I had to work last eve. (only 3 hours.. but 3 hours on my feet).

This morning, I felt fine… Peachy even. The constant “OMG will this EVER end” nausea and dry heaving every single morning has been slowly tapering off. Instead of lasting the ENTIRE day, I only have brief bouts of it first thing in the morning, the middle of the afternoon, and around supper time. So, after making and eating a wonderful breakfast this morning, imagine my consternation to go to the bathroom and find blood. Words cannot describe the feeling. I shakily wiped, decided AGAINST taking the immenent bowel movement that was the REASON I was in the bathroom in the first place, hollered for hubby to get his ASS upstairs, and take me to the hospital NOW!!! My friends were quickly informed that they had custody of my child until I returned from the hospital, as I ran out the door.

FORTUNATELY, everything is ok. As the doc termed it “The bun is still in the oven, and the oven is still on… let’s make sure it stays that way”. I have been informed that I must “take it easy” and my “fun zone” is now a “no-fly zone”. Which, said in the presence of the nurse apparently caused her to REALLY take a closer look at my husband and check him out. I don’t know if it was the fact that he was being the most wonderfully supportive, amazing husband in the entire universe, or the fact that he didn’t give two shits about the fact that he can no longer have sex as long as it means he gets to keep his baby. ( and he basically said as much out loud!!! :D) I guess that makes him even hotter than I already find him. However, if I ever see that bitch on the street, I’m going to run her over with my SUV. 😀 I mean, seriously??? You are checking out the HUSBAND of a woman, who is absolutely TERRIFIED and devastated at the possibility of losing the baby they had to try for 2 AND A HALF BLOODY YEARS to get!!!!! WTF???!!!!

So whatever… as it stands right now, the most likely cause of the bleeding is an infection (probably a UTI), or irritation of the cervix most likely caused by BDing. We’ll know more in the next week, as I’ll be going in for an ultrasound in the next couple of days.

As for now… I’m going to TAKE IT EASY… for real this time… I don’t like being scared, and this was some SCARY shit!!!