So… I have been completely at a loss as to what to write… I haven’t even been very dutiful in my commenting, even though I have been reading religiously.

All I can really say right now is “HOLY HORMONES BATMAN!!!!”

I pretty much alternate between “someone’s gonna f’n DIE!!”… and crying as if someone DID die…. fun!!

I’m on partial bedrest, which leaves me more-or-less confined to my house, which also sucks and is most likely contributing to my state of mind. And a mutual “friend” of my husband and I has been taking this opportunity to be a whore. Somehow, in her mind, it makes sense to her, that in order to entice my husband, she should trash-talk about me. Now, while I can understand this may work in SOME cases, I personally know, that the best way to piss off my hubby, is to say ANYTHING wrong about me. (Yeah, living on a pedestal is HARD!!) Even if it’s true, he usually gets very touchy about others pointing out my faults. He will accept that I have them- just don’t MENTION them to HIM!!!

So yeah…. needless to say I’m in the “someone must DIE” mood right now… But at least I’m not puking anymore…