Would you eat THIS??? This most wonderful of creations is a little something my DD and I cooked up in  the kitchen this afternoon on a day off from school. We’ve been cleaning house all day, and because she was such a big help, we decided a treat was in order!! So we made Jello. Uh… I think… lmao. disgusting

Quite frankly, I think it looks like something from the black lagoon…. or the water from the black lagoon at least. I don’t think the picture actually does justice to just how revolting this stuff really looks. We think it’ll be PERFECT for halloween. In it’s liquid form, it is kind of blackish-green, with lighter green smoky-looking swirls in it. Kinda cool, if you look at it as a cool effect, and not as something you will potentially be putting inside your body!! Now, you’re probably wondering, what the HELL did we do to that jello to make it into this culinary abomination, I tell you we did it quite by accident!!! The recipe:

One box Wild Raspberry Jello

One box Blue Raspberry Jello

Prepare with two cups boiling water, as per instructions, then instead of cold water, add two cups of Sun Rype Fruit & Veggies Strawberry Banana Juice.

Before adding the juice, the jello was a very interesting shade of VERY dark blue, which was actually kinda cool we could have added white sparkles, and it would have looked like a night sky…. but instead we added a very vibrant colored ORANGE juice. So in all honesty, I expected it to look weird- but even I never expected the nastiness we achieved. I can’t wait to taste it!!!

ewwww!I’ll try and get some pictures of it after it’s had time to “gel”