I hate I-tunes… that is all…




Ok.. no, that’s NOT all. But it’s sooooo true. My daughter recieved an Ipod for her bday from her chromosome donor. Apparently it’s the most complicated piece of crap in existence. On a good day, I’m pretty sure this thing could make me want to rip my hair out, scream, and take a flying leap out of my second story window. (I might have, except I’d disturb the 20lb monster-kitty… and I don’t want to hurt his feelings)… TODAY- this thing had me in mental-breakdown land. 

Hi, My name is MrsFinn and I am technologically challenged.

It took me over half an hour just to figure out how to add songs to this monstrosity. And that was AFTER my husband told me I had to download Itunes first. What a crap useless garbage program THAT is… And it would be SOOOOOO much easier to just scream and cry and throw the Ipod out the window- but I love my daughter, and she wanted Hannah Montana songs on her Ipod- and because her mom is an addled mess right now- I agreed to do it for her… even though just last week I took the Ipod away because she decided that it was OK to take her Ipod to school and show it off- even though she’s been told ALMOST EVERY FRIGGIN DAY- that taking ANYTHING electronic to school is a no-no. (I don’t CARE if so-and-so’s mom lets them take THEIR DS to school… I’m not that kid’s mom!)

On that note, she seems to be doing fine- She has an appt. with her pediatrician on Wednesday- she was due for a checkup and the ped’s station is right next to my OB’s station, so I booked both appointments for the same afternoon while at my last OB appt. I know that my pregnancy, and it’s end will be brought up at that visit- I wonder if I should ask about counselling for her, or if I’m being overprotective. She has asked questions, she seems to be adjusting, she’s not afraid to mention Jellybean, and I haven’t noticed any behavioural issues- but I worry about her. And then I wonder about counselling for ME- because I’m so worried about her… and am I worried because I NEED to be worried, or because the trauma of losing one child is causing me to be FAR too overprotective of the other. Ugh… my brain just won’t quit…

When will this ever end???