My last post was pretty pollyannish- Just a head’s up on that front- Yes, I am feeling much better than a week ago (this time one week ago, I’m pretty sure I was curled up in the fetal position on my bed with rivers of snot and tears running off my face, a complete and utter blubbering fiasco) but I’m not “all better” yet.

Today was hard. I don’t know why, but today just sucked. I’ve been in a half-depressed funk, and my brain is fuzzy. I cried- a lot. I cried MORE when hubby decided to heat up a couple of hot dogs. I hate the damn things with a passion. While I was pregnant- I couldn’t get enough of them. Right now, just the THOUGHT of a hot dog makes me weepy…

Of all the ridiculous f’n things to make a person cry- I’m the moron who weeps over a goddamned hot dog!!! *sigh*

When I thought of this post in my head- I was a lot more witty- and a LOT less depressing… meh, if you’re reading it, I can’t suck that bad!!