I did something that gives me mixed emotions today…

I have spent a considerable amount of time trying to figure out exactly how to go about my mission, with not a damn clue how to do it. My mission: to change the policy regarding premature infants in my province.

The current policy is this: if a baby is born under 24 weeks- let it die.

Obviously, this isn’t the exact wording used by hospitals- they spout some crap about the “odds” and the expense blah blah blah blah… In my world- they might as well have just said the former. It’s my opinion, that this is unfair, and that at the very least, I could do something to raise awareness about this. How many parents of premature infants have had to say goodbye to their babies who may have had a full and healthy life? How many parents love their children and don’t give a rat’s ass if their child might have had “problems” from being born premature?

Why is it that if an older child or adult is given 10% odds of survival- we do everything we can to save them- even if they may experience complications from doing so- but when that person is “just an infant” we do nothing. Why is it ok to let a baby die? I feel that at the very least, it should not be an arbitrary number that decides whether someone lives or dies. And so, I am on a mission to change that policy.

Unfortunately, the only people who seem to know how to go about my business are pro-life associations. I’m HOPING upon hope that the woman I emailed today for information about lobbying for change is not an extremist. (being an infertile undergoing treatment may pose some problems to effective communication if that’s the case). I worry that because I personally, am pro-choice (to a reasonable extent- I don’t believe in abo.r.tion as birth-control, but I DO believe in USING birth control). And this scares me…. it’s so very rare to see a “happy medium” in this issue. If I advocate for premature infants- well, then how can I, in good conscience, still believe in pro-choice? I DO believe in the use of birth control to prevent pregnancy- and in extreme cases, even abo. r. tion. Is this wrong? Can I have it both ways? Can I believe in one and not the other? Is it unethical to enlist the help of an organization whose policies I only partially agree with to assist me with my goal? Do the means justify the ends?

I think yes.