I know today is going to be hard for you. And there are so many things I want you to know.  

I see how happy you are most days- you are living your life as if tomorrow TRULY might not come. You are living completely in the now- you are travelling to places you’ve always wanted to go- you are living for YOU.

You do not worry about the little things anymore, yet you take joy in all things, great and small.

In all my years, I have seen your pain- the pain of living with an abusive, controlling monster- before finally having the courage to leave. Dealing with a bi-polar teen, and having the courage to let her go back to live with the asshole. Putting up with an alcoholic for years before realizing that nice doesn’t make a person good and that you can’t fix everyone. And finally, having to grieve the man who finally made all the years of losers worth it.

Even though he’s gone, his memories make you smile.

I love you and I’m thinking of you today mom. I wish he was still here too.

~RIP Tim- we love you still and always will. ~

August 5, 1955 – June 23, 2008