So- as you may or may not know, I live in a small-townish military base in the middle of buttfuck nowhere… It’s very safe and my 8 year old daughter can pretty much run rampant with all the other heathen children- the older kids take care of the younger ones- and like a throwback to another era- pretty much every family with kids watches out for ALL the kids. If my daughter (we’ll call her pottymouthgirl or PMG for short- because that’s the mommyblogger way isn’t it?- and for all intents and purposes, that’s more-or-less what I am) gets into shit- I pretty much know she’s done it before she’s even started getting into it.

The bonus of this is that it makes for a wonderful community feeling. Unfortunately- there’s always gotta be at least ONE asshole- and we have experienced our first run-in with him.

Last eve, PMG was enjoying her first night out with friends in the ‘hood since she got grounded on Monday… They decided to play baseball in one of many small playground areas and were all having a great time, when someone knocked the ball out by some bushes bordering a yard. PMG, knowing there was a dog in the yard on the OTHER SIDE of the bushes, approached the ball without realizing that the dog was able to get THROUGH the bushes (it shouldn’t have been able to). The dog is young, has all it’s shots, and simply wanted to play- PMG, even though she has experience with dogs, weighs all of 50lbs and was knocked flat by the pooch, who’s claws left abrasions, bruising, and a puncture wound about 1/2cm wide and deep- into the muscle of her thigh. She’s now in excruciating pain, taking Motrin every 6 hours, barely able to eat from nausea, and also taking TANK antibiotics for the next week- not to mention that she can barely walk- and therefore, is stuck in the house during one of the most beautiful summers we’ve ever had in my part of the country EVER!!

I spoke last night with the woman who’s home my daughter was at- as well as her older daughter (around age 13) who witnessed what happened. Apparently this isn’t the first time they’ve notified this asshat that his dog is able to exceed the limits of its yard. The poor pup is unfortunately the one who’s going to suffer- if the man refuses to shorten it’s chain, and the dog hurts anyone else- it will likely be put down, or  taken away from it’s current owner and placed in the pound- where it will likely be put down.

What pisses me off, is the REFUSAL of the dog’s owner to do anything!! This f’n MORON lives right on the edge of a PLAYGROUND!!! for KIDS!!! THE KIDS ARE GOING TO PLAY THERE!!! The kids are GOING to assume that the dog is properly leashed and contained inside it’s YARD!!! They are KIDS!!!! They are very responsible kids at that- and know better than to go near strange dogs- or at least PMG does- she has been around dogs her entire life- she has actually made herself available as the neighbourhood dog walker- and does so regularly. So why can’t this asshole just be a decent human being and keep his dog INSIDE his yard?? I guess I’ll have to see what he says after I show him the pictures of what his goddamn dog actually DID to my daughter. I made a judgement call to take pictures as opposed to taking her over there just in case- I don’t think it’s wise to have my daughter watch me get all (verbally) stabby on some jackass if he refuses to see my point of view. ugh… fucking stupid dog owners…