this is me… being me… soooo not fun….

Really- not a whole lot to say right now. I’m just in waiting mode. Monday is yet another appt. with Dr. K. Don’t know what he’ll have to say- I’ve actually caved in the last few days and taken no less than four pregnancy tests- all negative. It’s only CD28- so I don’t have much to say on that front. Other than being tireder (I KNOW that’s not a word but I’m too bloody tired to care) than all hell- I have no symptoms of anything… AF or otherwise… so we’ll see what Doc K wants to do… for those of you (hahah) just catching up- negative pregnancy test does NOT =not pregnant in my world… yes- the hopeful should flock here if they really want to see how a negative urine test really CAN mean you ARE in fact pregnant. I seriously don’t know HOW though- ask my epic fail body- it doesn’t seem to want to do ANYTHING the normal way… I just know that with my last pregnancy two out of three pregnancy tests came back negative- and I was still pregnant… only for 23 1/2 weeks mind you- but pregnant indeed.

So that’s it… I’m just waiting… waiting for hubby’s vacation to start in two weeks… waiting for that “crapiversary” of the date when my son would should have been born. Waiting for my daughter’s first plane ride EVER- that she’ll be taking without me… to go visit the deadbeat asshole who helped produce her for a full week (hahah- I’m betting he lasts two days before begging me to let her come home early- too bad the plane tickets are non-negotiable fucktard!!! bwahahahaha). She’s ridiculously excited- I’m not decided quite yet on just how I feel… other than nervous for her.

But for now- I need sleep… it’s midnight (the latest I’ve been up all week) and I’m EXHAUSTED… ugh… good night all!!