This week is sloooooooooowwwwwwwww…. and seems to be taking forever.

Of course my daughter’s back in school starting next Wednesday, so of COURSE the last week of summer “vacation” WOULD seem to take a thousand years!!!

I’m also waiting oh so ever-loving patiently for the 16th when I go back to see Dr Asshole. I’m pretty sure his smug ass booked the appt. so f’n far away because he ASSUMED that I would just be calling him to tell him we were successful and I wouldn’t actually be seeing him at all. heh… stupid prick… so much for THAT eh?

Instead, I’ll get to go and see him on CD 49 for him to get that hangdog “wha hoppen??” look on his face when he tells me I didn’t ovulate (like that’s going to be a surprise this time??). We then get to have “the talk” of where we go from here. I know that he didn’t go into depth about the possibility of injectables because he’s so goddamn SURE of himself that it honestly never occured to him that increasing the clomid wouldn’t work. Methinks his really good stats have gone to his head… Of course, it’s also entirely possible that he will just increase teh clomids to REALLY hellish proportions as well. To be sure, I’m terrified of moving on to injections- but I’m more terrified of not having another child. After trying so hard, and all the heartbreak- I think it would kill me to give up now… But no matter how much I read about other peoples’ stories, and how much medical knowlege I have/look up I still don’t KNOW what’s going to happen next… ugh…

and on that note- I must go feed a beast… she’s growly when she’s hungry!!!