Happy afternoon ladies and gentlemen… My name is Auntie Flo and I am an evil, conniving, outrageous BEOTCH!!!

So yeah…

Half way through CD 35 I start feeling a little crampy, and I’m soooooooo tired… I decide to go shower to see if it’ll revive me, and if not, to take a nap. (I know, my life is soooo hard eh?) I know this is probably going to sound ridiculous, but I ALWAYS pee before I get in the shower- ALWAYS… Imagine my surprise when I notice blood on the tissue. Imagine my husband’s surprise being on the phone with me when I exclaimed “holy shit I’m bleeding!!!”… I’m not all the tactful at the best of times, and I was in shock dammit!!

So what does this mean??? I’m now wide awake, (still crampy) and wondering, what the hell is going to happen now?? I MUST have ovulated right?? Does this mean I ovulated late?? (I’m pretty sure it was around CD 19 when I O’d with Jellybean, so it’s not like late ovulation is even all that surprising) or is this just some random mean-ass trick my body has decided to play on me??? Gawd I wish I knew what the hell was going on down there!!!

Now- let the chocolate coma commence…..