Ok… so I decided last Thursday that I was going to implement a day every single week to honor my husband. I called it “Why I love my husband, wife, S.O., life partner, etc etc etc day”. Well, life happened, my daughter had a crisis, I had a GAZILLION things to do before Halloween and I scratched the damn cornea of my eye (AGAIN) and so I will let last Thursday’s entry stand for my FIRST EVER “Why I love my husband, wife, S.O., life partner, etc etc etc day”.

In which case- this is coming two days early…

This week, I love my husband for a lot of reasons. I love him for putting up with my friends who decided to invite themselves to stay at our house for Halloween because we have decorations and they don’t- and they are too cheap to buy any and really- I needed the help setting up, but I would have been just as happy to have help setting up, have fun scaring the kiddies and then have them go home.

I love my husband because on Sunday morning, while it was cold, and kinda drizzly and maybe going to snow, he got out of a nice warm bed, and put all the decorations away for me. And let me sleep in!!! (I haven’t slept past 7:30 – even on weekends-  since my daughter started her medication a month ago, she has to take her pills at the same time every single day- she can fall back asleep after- I can’t)

I love my husband because he’s a big furry teddy bear of a man – my head fits in the crook of his shoulder like two puzzle pieces that were made for one another. I love him because he’s a goof.

I love him, even though he’s a cat person…. My husband and Simba