CD 34….

Ovulation CD 17…..

HPT still neg…


On to beta….. ugh

*updated to allay any confusion* this is GOOD NEWS!!! for those of you new to the program (or maybe I just never mentioned it)- I don’t do urine tests very well. In fact- I epic fail urine tests more often than not… this, in my case, does not confirm NON-pregnancy. My LAST pregnancy, I took one HPT that turned out positive and I was half-sure it was just wishful thinking creating the line. I had two different clinics perform two separate urine tests- both negative. My RE decided to not take chances and ordered a beta (blood blood- gallons of the stuff) as well…. Guess what? I was indeed pregnant. For whatever reason, I seem to get false negatives… my family doc doesn’t even bother with urine tests anymore- he sees me and starts writing the order for a beta before even finding out if that’s what I’m there for!!  go figure…