It’s that time again- and yes, I know that I am not doing this on a specific day- If you haven’t noticed how bloody scatterbrained I am by now- then you haven’t been reading enough!!!

This weeks “Why I love my Husband…etc…etc…etc…”

What is there to say, the first reason I love my husband, right now- is because he knocked me up. Not much of a feat for some men, but for him, it hasn’t been so much the picnic. He’s had two dates with a cup, a couple appointments to have his bid’ness fondled by another man, an angry, confused, cranky wife who demands sex when SHE IS OVULATING DAMMIT!!!, (which, is NOT as much fun as you would think), he’s had umpteen two+ hour drives to EVERY SINGLE RE appointment- just to support me, the broken one. I can assure you, there are times when I have BEGGED him to just divorce me and find someone who can pop out babies like a crackwhore  (kinda like his brother’s wife does-  I have mentioned that she’s pregnant AGAIN right??- due in July… Just HAD a baby in July, HATES being pregnant- swore she was NEVER doing it again…yeah she’s all THEWIN in my books… *mumble* 20 year old skank).

So yeah… I love my husband for sticking it out, and sticking by me. I love him for not calling me out on being a hormonal psychopath, and for not giving up on us, on having a child. I love him for being involved in every step of this- even though he didn’t have to- and from what I’ve read is very much outside the norm. He could have fought with me about the diagnostic process, about going to an RE, he could have argued with me over the expense of it- and he never has.

The second reason I love him, omygod I said I wasn’t going to do this but I am… eeeek.. Is because HE is getting all my early-pregnancy symptoms. Heartburn, dizzy spells, exhaustion, and even a bit of nausea. Heh… me, other than the fact that I’ve not had a decent poo in about 4 days… nothin… Heehee!!

I also love him for encouraging me to apply for school*. And for going with me to the admissions dept. and speaking with the stupid lady who had no idea what she was doing. I love him for telling me that I CAN do this… even though I’m so scared that if I wasn’t constipated I would shit myself…

and for that I love my husband.

*for those of you not in the know (which is pretty much everyone), I am/was a nurse. While in nursing, I was asked again and again and again why I hadn’t just gone to med school. The answer is that I was a single mother who was ineligible for student loans courtesy of bad credit (obtained when my ex claimed bankruptcy and because we hadn’t been “seperated” for 90 days- I inherited his debt) so I had noooooo money for med school. Well, I have money now- and so my husband is investing in ME and calling it his “retirement plan”… he figures that I’ll make enough as a doc for HIM to be a SAHD… heh.. Sooooooo… in either January or September- I will be starting pre-med.. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!!!

**also- if anyone is good at “buttons” I would like one for this .. I think it would be a nice touch… I’m technologically inept…I need someone to show me how it’s done yo!!  heh…