The news in my world… Yes- I’m still pregnant, no it’s not ectopic. U/S done today with the useless bitch tech. I hate her… saw two sacs- she could only get measurements and a HB in one- so…. for now, we are going with just one viable baby… one obviously being better than none, but seriously, why can’t the hospital just fire this useless mean bitch?? She sucks and she’s rude, and have I mentioned I hate her?

My daughter’s drugs are working… hooray!! And she has gained OVER TWO POUNDS!!!! wooooooohooo!!! This is a huge deal because she’s almost 10lbs underweight…so, for her to gain that much in only 2 months- I am OVERJOYED!!! If nothing else- I love her meds for that… (we’ve tried everything shy of feeding her lard wrapped in bacon and deep-fried).

My husband, does not have ass cancer!!! YAY!!! He’d probably kill me if he knew I talked about it, but there was some concerns that my husband may have colon cancer. heh- so I’m not the only gettin probed around here!! haha!! They removed a polyp, but it was benign.. so I do a happy dance knowing that my husband is not going to die from cancer. this is good.

In ANGER, there is THIS! this comment from a “friend” who is a lab technician (vampire)… You know that’s awesome for you becasue I have been seeing a lot of patients waiting until 19weeks to have one done. Which is stupid… there are so many reasons you need them earlier!

This was in reply to my status stating that I was going in for the “head count” U/S- because it seems EVERY SINGLE OTHER PERSON I KNOW- is aware of the difficulties we’ve had conceiving and staying pregnant. Apparently this woman is the ONLY F’N PERSON I’ve ever met in my ENTIRE life who doesn’t GET IT- that having an U/S before 19 weeks IS NOT FUN!!!! It’s not “lucky me”!!! it’s not even remotely close to AWESOME!!! I’m like- yes, getting a probe from an angry mean bitch who stabs your cervix and jabs into your ovaries THROUGH YOUR VAGINA- yeah- order me up one of those!! It sounds AWESOME!!!!!!!!

fuck people are dumb… I swear- that if I EVER hear anyone bitch and moan EVER again that they wish they could have an U/S sooner- so they could see their precious little alien parasite, I will PERSONALLY break into the hospital, steal that goddamn torture device probe and rape them with it. I have a medical background… i’m sure i could find an ovary… and oh, if I can’t… i’ll just ram it harder against their cervix… and move it around so that it feels like a double penetration… oh yeah, nothing says ‘AWESOME’ like the feeling that you’re being fisted in the ass WHILE getting probed!!!

Of course, I should just be happy that I’m pregnant. And truly, I am. This pregnancy is going MUCH MUCH better than the last one. I’m nauseous, but not throwing up constantly, I’m EXHAUSTED, but not working, and so I can nap at will, I can’t poop to save my life, but oh, when I do- if poo’s could cause orgasms, these ones would… they are blissful!!! (I can’t even believe I just said that)… So yeah.. go forth, be merry… and I will think of how to rob a hospital of very very expensive equipment… laters!!