And I haven’t done an episode of “Why I love My husband, S.O, life partner, soulmate, etc etc etc…” in a looooooooong friggin time… I am here to do one now…Please forgive the lack of button- my brain is currently trying to work out how the HELL Contemporary Politics can possibly be more mind-numbingly boring than Intro to Canadian Literature…. yeah… if you figure it out, please let me know!!! Oh, and since you’re all DYING to know what I’ve learned in university, so far I know that historians are going to fucking LOVE me- because apparently they’re all journal whores. And a blog is just like a journal, only electric, and no one will have to dig it out of some mouldy, old nasty chest 100 years from now… this I learned in Sex and the Sacred. (yes- I’m TOTALLY taking a class with sex in the title- because, um, hello- it’s a class about SEX!! how COOL is that???!!! – now everyone wave to the billion and one trolls who just showed up looking for the S.E.X.)

So, in this week’s “Why I love My Husband, blah blah blah… etc etc etc”:

It’s his fault I’m in school. I’ve been a chicken shit for the last decade or so, and assuming that no one in their right mind would actually let me into an institution of higher learning. Well, except for the college who taught me how to stab people legally (with syringes- as a nurse- not some psycho drug user). One, because well, I’m me- I’m loud and crazy and I annoy people. And the BIG reason: I am a high school dropout.

My husband- helped me with the research, and helped me discover two magical words: “mature student”. He ALSO gave me the encouragement (read: asskicking) I needed to actually APPLY for mature student status and get into university. He’s also funding this little adventure known as “what the fuck am I thinking trying to get into med school at MY age- there is seriously something f’n wrong with me- omg omg omg *cue hyperventilation*”

Very very valid reasons to love my husband. He knows I’m smart enough when I’m scared that I’m not, and tells me so. He encourages me when I babble for two hours about a short story and the *epic* discussion I had with my lit prof. during class about it. (mostly because it seems the rest of the class is completely mute and unable to answer a question to save their lives… meh- they can eat 5% of their mark- I’m goin’ for all A’s bitches- I’ma GET the 5% for participation whether I need it or not!!)

I love my husband because when I come home sore as HELL from trucking my pregnant ass about 10,000,000,000 miles a day all over the university- he rubs my feet and helps me with supper- or even MAKES IT FOR ME!!! Obviously he’s not rubbing my feet WHILE making supper because EW… but you get the idea I’m sure.

And I most definitely love my husband because he has put up with hormones like a champ. When I call him bawling because the bitch at the big-ass-hospital-that-let-my-son-die won’t give me ANY information on what the hell exactly I’m driving 2 and a half bloody hours for on Tuesday (supposedly they’re only doing a SCAN and they’re going to book the cerclage at that point- for me to come in at a later date… fuckers), he listens, he reassures, he says- it’s ok, we can stop in and see our nieces and have a nice visit, maybe do a “costco run”- so it’s not a wasted trip. When I scream at him for twenty minutes because I asked him to please make some lunch because I feel like hell, nauseous and headachey and sore and he was busy so it took him longer than I wanted it to… he takes it- and apologizes and does his best to not make me feel bad for being a crazy hormonal psychopath. (of COURSE it would be easier for him to have just hopped up IMMEDIATELY to make me food- and I would LOOOVE him for that… but the fact that he gets yelled at and still loves me is very important!!)

So yeah… that is this weeks edition of “Why I love my husband”… Because he f’n ROCKS!!!