Yes.. that would be me.. back to school this week… two bruised vertebrae and walking are NOT my friends… it’s 9:15pm and I’m bushwacked- I don’t know why my husband puts up with me.

I’m sucky, whiny, and well… I was going to say useless but after the 1/2 hour drive in shit-thick fog to get to school, several hours of classes, some minor running around to do in town, then home (another 1/2 hour- minus fog at least) AND making supper- I’m not so useless after all… However, I AM pretty sure that if I don’t get some decent (non tylenol-induced) sleep I might ACTUALLY start drooling on myself and uttering total nonsense. I’m hoping that this total nonsense post will help delay that effect somewhat…

And so, since I spelled 3/4 of that sentence wrong and had to go back and re-write it about four times… I’m going to “cave” and take my pathetic ass to bed. Oh… and since we’re on the subject of being all fucked up and battered… Go and do something for Haiti eh?

Haiti Needs Your Help!!