Husband scoped the other way yesterday- never seen him so dopey from being drugged up in my life… seriously he was all talk talk talkzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…. So yeah.

I can totally relate right now though, and I don’t have any drugs in me… The night-peeing has started in earnest however, so I’m basically turning into a pregnant zombie. 3am- get up to pee. 5am get up to pee, spend 15 minutes trying to quell insane bleeding from my nasal cavity (stupid dry winter weather- I use a damn humidifier and STILL get bloody noses wtf me???). 6am- Husband’s alarm starts shrieking at me. 615am- husband flops his ass down on end of bed as hard as humanly possible jerking me out of the almost-back to sleep state I’m in. Cats start up yowling cacophony of “FEED ME MF’ER!!” 630am husband dressed- leans over bed to kiss my cheek, tell me he loves me. Goes downstairs taking yowling asshole felines. (I hate my cats first thing in the morning- if this makes me a bad person, oh well) 7am- get up to pee AGAIN… gah!! debate just staying up or taking the 1/2 hour of sleep I’m still entitled to… go back to bed… 714am wake up in panic thinking alarm didn’t go off and I’m late late late- look at clock and groan… fall back asleep. 730am – my alarm goes off. Leap out of bed to shut off the offending screech that is horrible alarm clock. (why can’t anyone make an alarm clock that DOESN’T make you want to stab yourself in the face??). Wake up child- go pee AGAIN!! Wake up child for a second time… decide that TODAY- I am getting her her OWN alarm clock so she knows how much nicer it is to have a pleasant mommy-voice saying “good morning sunshine, time to get up” as opposed to the screeching banshee wail of alarm clock. Proceed through day in zombie-like state starting off by hollering at child to do what it is she must do in the morning because no matter HOW many mornings she has done the EXACT SAME THING- she still needs to be told what to do or she just sits her ass down on the couch and does nothing. Or hides in her room and reads… ugh.

On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday- I have classes too.. so I have to prepare lunches for everyone and also get ready for school…School is 1/2 an hour away on a good day. On the shittiest highway imaginable. Wednesdays are the LONGEST DAY EVER- on top of the three classes I attend regularly I also have an evening psych class from 7-10 pm…. which means 1/2 hour drive home, 1/2 hour drive back to school and then another 1/2 hour drive home. For a grand total of FOUR times on the shittiest highway imaginable. I tolerated the drive for the first month of school but have recently staged a revolt- told my husband that for ONE goddamn night a week HE could handle supper and I would NOT be making that commute- that I have THREE damn papers to write and therefore need extra time in the library AT school to complete them. What the hell was I thinking???

So, I am a zombie… and I know it’s only going to get worse… I just keep telling myself- it’s only until the end of April. I can make it till April right??? Oh god I hope I can make it till April…