That’s right- I’ve got a week off!! And what am I doing? Exciting and wonderful and amazing things I tells ya!

Yep- I’m gonna nap.

I’m gonna nap, and I’m gonna ATTEMPT to clean, and then proceed to get yelled at from everyone around me because I’m not supposed to lift or do f’n ANYTHING!!!

gah!! I’m PREGNANT not a fucking invalid…. so ok, yes, my cervix is an asshole that likes to say, “Hey! Look what I can do!! You didn’t want to KEEP that baby did you???” but seriously- I’m going to lose my fucking mind if someone doesn’t let me do stuff around the house!! Like laundry! and… um… well I absolutely CANNOT vacuum  because that’s actually on the list of “thou shalt not” from the doctor. And my daughter’s ONLY chore besides keeping her room from overflowing into the hallway is to do put the dishes in the dishwasher… so yeah… um… stuff… I’m going to go find something to do now…