So yeah… what a crap couple of days this has been… Monday was stomach bug day, thought maybe food poisoning- but husband caught it and was a pain in my ass for two days WHILE being in an awful city I hate- with an 8 year old who was BOOOOOOORED and being an even bigger pain in my ass.

Good news: got to see peanut (AKA Skeletor- you will understand the nickname when I get the picture from the scan posted) perfectly healthy, perfectly sized, perfectly modest- even if we’d wanted to know the sex- baby wasn’t giving it up that easy! Baby was napping while being scanned… so that was a HUUUGE difference from my other two babies- my daughter did cartwheels and Jellybean was all over the place too- Peanut was calm as a  cucumber, just hangin out and enjoying life… it was beautiful!

Also- cervix is doing awesome.. stitches still intact, cervix closed, long and perfect. HOORAY!!

and that’s where the good news ends. Went for lunch after the scan feeling content and happy… and then had a severe allergic reaction to something (possibly tilapia- won’t know until I get actual allergy testing) and so got to hang out in emergency for 4ish hours… my face covered in welts and my throat scratchy and tight- can anyone say “holy fucking scary batman!!!”??? Doc gave me benadryl, which I now know is ok during pregnancy, and made sure babe was ok- We are both fine now… but let me tell you it will be a LOOOOOONG fucking time before I have fish ever again… of course my asshole daughter ate lobster tail for supper right in front of me and I soooooo wanted to scam some off her but I’m not allowed… boourns!! 😦

Stayed in a hotel for the night because hubby had an appt. with the sports medicine doctor the next day… I have to say that’s one thing that SUCKS BALLS about where I live- no specialists!! We have to drive 2+ hours to get to where the big hospitals and clinics are with all the special docs… no fun! So yeah- hubby is cranky and crusty and suffering from diarrhea (awwww muffin- at least HE didn’t spend the better part of 24hours hunched over a bucket on the crapper with it coming out both ends!!) and in the morning almost got run over by a semi… in my car… stupid asshole cut the corner too sharp making a left hand turn and damn near ran over the front end of my vehicle… fucking dickhead… if the guy behind me hadn’t been paying attention- I would have either had to ram into him going backwards or get run over by the stupid dick in a semi…

so yeah… am SOOOOOOOO glad to be home and it’s a nap day so all i have to do is read a poem for lit class tomorrow and go to town later to study for my politics midterm that’s tomorrow as well…. easy peasy… god I love nap day!!! 😛