And the doc who’s filling in for my regular OB is a useless piece of shit…

His response to spotting and cramping- hmmm… probably a bladder infection- stick this drug that may harm your baby up your ass- it should stop the cramping… and then take these two antibiotics, one of which ALSO may harm your baby and I’ll run some tests to see if you have an infection… if it gets worse, go to the maternity ward.

So… I stuck a greasy, disgusting bullet shaped, baby-maiming drug up my ass- and it got worse. I went to maternity and was treated like a complete asshole for wasting their time and taking up space. They insisted that the doc should never have even told me to come up there as they don’t DEAL with patients under 24 weeks. The REASON he had me go up there is because if I’d gone to emerg they would have inspected my lady bits- with +++ potential for introducing an infection… so what the fuck ever…

Verdict: there’s nothing we can do… go home and rest and wait for test results and we’ll see if we can get you an U/S for tomorrow….

I spent FOUR FUCKING HOURS in a hospital to be told NOTHING. And guess who’s still cramping and spotting?? Yep, that would be me… But I suppose I should be grateful that they DID get me in for an U/S… oh yeah.. all happy sparkly shiny people- “see look, you’re baby is perfectly fine- the placenta is fine, there is no bleeding or anything in the uterus that could be causing your spotting… you can go home and eat now.” Oh- yeah- that’s right… in the infinite fucking wisdom of Dr. Douchebag he decided that the cramping might just be caused by gastric irritation- so to fix THAT problem- he made me STARVE for 18 hours!!!! clear fluids only- don’t want the preggo to get dehydrated.

Did they check my cervix? yes, the FIRST time I showed up at the clinic on Tuesday morning with cramping and spotting. He noticed THEN that there was irritation around my sutures, but my cervix was still closed- he said it was probably from me wiping myself too vigorously and to pat myself dry in future. Did they check for funneling on the U/S? HELLZ to the no… fucking morons!! And I have no idea what the hell I’m supposed to do. The answer I’m getting right now is to be a good little patient and relax.

Oh- and did I mention it’s roughly a half hour drive on really shitty highway to GET to the fucking hospital/doc?? gah!!! Why must I be surrounded by incompetent dickholes???!!!!

I want my OB back!!


Now- to go and be a sloth and lay down some more…