Not so happy I live in the good ‘ol Canadia right now…. apparently them good drugs that can stall labour aren’t available here… boourns… we get Ventolin- woohoo… and full bedrest. This means that I’m allowed to pee, and have a five minute shower. And that’s it… the rest of the time I will be laying down… and praying my ass off that I make it to 24 weeks when I can be sent to huge-ass hospital 2 hours away to be given steroids for baby’s lungs and monitored closely.

So yeah… I’m having contractions… not cool… so I get to lay around for the next four weeks… school=done… housework= never going to GET done… me=probably divorced after the first two weeks because hai- not so good at the lying around doing NOTHING thing… this definitely takes doin what ya gotta do to a whooooole new level… and I thought getting stabbed in the spine 15 times or so was hard… heh- seems I just ain’t gonna be catching any breaks eh?

I’ll try to keep y’all updated.