For now at least… heartburn is killing me!!!

I take it as a sign all is well in the world- I’d rather have heartburn from laying down all the time than contractions from sitting/standing up!!

One advantage I have found of being on bedrest and bored out of my skull- is that I have LOTS of time to feel baby moving. It seems that every day he/she is moving more and more and reaching further into my guts to poke at various organs. It’s wonderful!!

I have also taken steps to maintain my positive (Ok- so I”ve been rather negative lately, but that’s just not my usual self!!) and sunny outlook. I started a baby registry. Nothing like looking at pretty baby things and shinies (I know it’s not a real word- I made it up) for making a girl feel better!! I found a really amazing swing that I want… it converts to a bouncy chair and then a toddler rocker- AWESOME!!! Some of my registry stuff may seem greedy and a little over-the-top, but meh… It’s my registry and I’ll add what I want to- just because it’s there doesn’t mean anyone has to buy it- if someone DOES buy it- friggin AWESOME, if they don’t, well then I’ll just buy it myself.  Which will probably happen anyway because well, we don’t actually HAVE a babies-r-us where I live, the nearest one is two hours away and for some godforsaken reason people here seem virtually incapable of ever buying anything online!! (the HELL??? welcome to 2010 people!!!)

so yeah… there’s not a whole lot of selection in bumfuck nowhere yo!! So I’m all about the online. Anyone know of any online stores (preferably Canadian- shipping across the border is EXPENSIVE!!) where I can register for more baby gear? I’m addicted to looking at baby stuff now. I like to picture myself using said baby stuff on a real live baby of my own. It helps to remind myself that as hard as it may be to be on bedrest- it will be SOOOOO worth it when this little one gets to come home with ME… and not home to heaven. (yes I said when- it’s part of the whole “positive thinking/imagery” kick I’m on).

Also- a HUUUUUGE shout out to the wonderful lady (I’m pretty sure I know which one of you it was) who added me to LFCA Bedrest Babes list. I’ve been lurking on the LFCA for almost a year now, it’s an amazing site, and twice now has been a life saver for me… or at the very least a sanity-saver!!! And thank you sooooo much to everyone who’s offered kind words and support. It means more than you will ever know!!

And that is all… for now… my wrist is actually sore from all the “shopping” I’ve been doing this afternoon!! lol 😛