phew… so another one down… only a few (hopefully at least 10 or so) weeks to go.

Not much going on here- I feel like a total shit for doing virtually nothing for my daughter’s birthday- but we started on planning a big-sister party for her to make up for it after the baby is here. Sooo exciting. I spent HOURS designing her invitations on Publisher so I’m damn well going to use them for SOMETHING!!!! I’m really very lucky that I have a kid who’s so understanding and well-behaved. I know a lot of kids would totally lose their shit and freak out if their birthday was more or less cancelled due to mom being stuck on the couch. She’s been a real trooper about helping around the house more too. Some days it’s more difficult to get her to help out- but meh- she’s nine!! What can I expect!!??

Baby is pummeling away at my insides a LOT. I’ve decided it’s the one cool thing about bedrest- I can just lay here and feel baby kick and move and roll and punch. Normally I’m so busy that I only catch it if it’s really strong movement- or I actually stop for a minute- like when I’m trying to sleep and feeling a little hellion in the belly keeping you awake isn’t so cute! So it’s nice to be able to spend time just chillin’ with the peanut and poking various body parts…

Also- the weather has turned gorgeous!! It’s actually above 0 degrees (Celsius) so the snow is all melting and the sun is shining and it’s really really nice.. and I’m stuck on the couch. /cry Hubby has said that as soon as the snow is ALL gone and it gets a wee bit warmer we can set me up with some books and the hammock out in the backyard. Of course I will REALLY be stuck then… getting in and out of a hammock when you’re huge and pregnant is NOT easy. (pffft- it’s hard enough normally when I’m just huge!!!)

And so that is all. Not much going on… not for me anyway… Just more hours, days, weeks, hopefully turning into a few more months of boredom for me!! 😛