Another week, another post… still here, still hanging out, still having contractions but thank god they’re not as frequent or strong as last week. Baby is kicking the shit out of me (sometimes I think literally because it’s like he/she gets ridiculous active when I get constipated which has been happening a lot because my husband is doing the cooking and well- hai! I’m that lady who’s stuck on the couch!!! Which is sooooo not conducive to proper bowel function.)

So yeah…. moving on…

My husband is still the best in the entire world- he’s made his second ever solo shopping trip for groceries woohoo!! and he did AWESOME!! He also attended PMG’s parent-teacher conference all on his own!!! I”m so proud!!! Other than that, his housekeeping skills leave a lot to be desired- but it’s ok, his mother is coming soon (hooray for nana and grumpy!! I miss them!!!) and she is a cleaning machine. I pretty much have to either drag her out my house, or tie her down to a chair to stop her from cleaning when she comes to visit. Once upon a time it bothered me, but then I figured, if it makes her happy- I’ll just let her do it. It doesn’t matter if my house is spotless, she will FIND something to do. (yeah- seriously, she’ll clean my ceiling and walls and re-organize my knick-knacks and then go shopping for linens and other knick knacks and things to give it just that little something extra- I love that woman!!!) So yeah, I give her free reign- the woman knows what she’s doing and she is the best mother in the whole world. And I can’t wait for them to get here. So yeah…. I am here and hopefully not going anywhere anytime soon. My next OB appt. is on the 31st- unless my OB gets back this week and has a freak out on the OB who was covering for her while she’s been gone and calls me in sooner.

What more can I really say? There’s not a whole lot going on in couch-land… I am bored. I nap a lot, I read blogs a lot, I am bored… A LOT. I think a lot too. Which is sorta good sometimes, and not so good other times… it all just depends on what I’m thinking of… but that is a tale for another day… Mostly I’m content. Happy to continue being pregnant- determined that this baby will live to hear the tale of mommy being in labour for WEEKS!!! bahahahahahahahah- It makes it really difficult to complain about the 38 hours of back labour with PMG though!! lol

toodles for now!!