confused yet??? lol

Today I am 23 whole weeks pregnant! wooohooo!! This is definitely an anxiety filled week for me. I see my OB on Wednesday the 31st- find out if I will get to stay home or have to travel 2.5 hours away and be stuck in hosp for the next 3-ish months. Also happening this week: April fools… and 23 weeks 3 days. For those of you in the know- 23 weeks 3 days is the gestation when my darling son was born. Oh hellz yes, 23 weeks 3 days on fucking APRIL FOOLS. I think Go.d is seriously playing some kind of ridiculous cosmic joke on me. Only it’s not so much ridiculous as it is freaking scary and nerve-wracking and I was already a mental case seeing as how April 1st is only two weeks before the one-year anniversary of my son’s birth. *deep breath* ok… moving on…

For those who are still reading my babble, the 29 is me… My age today… the age that I will be staying forever!! Because seriously? Who wants to turn 30 (not me, that’s for damn sure)… so I will be skipping next years’ birthday and staying 29…. 😛

Yes, I realize that a full half or more people who read this post are officially going to hate me for the fact that I’m under 30 but I don’t care. I may only BE 29, but I might as well be 39 or 49 as far as my fertility goes. So there! lol

Now I’m going to go and dream of chocolate and cheesecake and most likely just eat some yogurt.