25 weeks… bored out of my skull…. Which, in my situation is really not all that bad, if I’m bored it means all is well in the world. Baby’s kicks and punches are getting really strong, and I’m pretty sure he/she has started to move out of breech position- hooray!! I could be wrong, I see the doc on Wednesday, I’ll ask her then when/if she’ll do an U/S to find out if babe is still arse-down.

My inlaws are gone now. The weekend was a busy one. I WAS bad and spent an hour out on Sunday. I kept my feet up for most of it, but did have to stand for a few minutes. It was for a really good cause though. My sil (the baby-factory whom I am NOT a fan of) and bil asked my husband and I to be the Godparents for their second daughter. So, obviously we said yes because I love my nieces to bits, regardless of my feelings toward their mother. So yeah, I was attending the baptism because well, I am the GODMOTHER dammit!! Even though I’m a non-catholic heathen!!! bahahahhaahha!! It was nice though- I got to see my nieces, and I got to see my oldest niece’s best friend and the sweetest little 3 week old baby boy who is just the cuddliest little monkey in the world and most definitely a titty-man, if you hold him he just buries his little face in your breasts and goes to sleep… and drools… and it is the cutest, most wonderful thing in the entire world- and even better for me, because it causes MY little peanut to go completely nuts and kick like crazy because apparently we have a bit of a jealous streak developing…

The entire time my inlaws were here staying with us, every time Nana snuggled with PMG or paid attention to her, Peanut would start kicking like crazy until Nana either shared the love with him/her or stopped paying attention to PMG. It was hilarious!! But of course, I don’t mind because I like feeling the kicks and punches. And we’re finally at the stage where you can actually SEE my belly jump with movement. It’s super cool.

Um so yeah… we’ve had family in and out all week, but otherwise a completely uneventful week. Now I’m just bored and lonely. Good thing I have a kickboxer in my belly to keep me company so I don’t go COMPLETELY nuts!! 😛