Also known in my world as the third circle of HELL!!

Am I blissfully ecstatic that I have finally made it this far? Absolutely, yes. Am I finally starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel that may just hold a real, live take-home baby? Definitely. Am I also experiencing the most exquisite ligament and symphisis pubic pain on TOP of braxton hicks and the INSANE stiffness from laying around all day, every day on the couch? OMG yes!! And I can’t eat to save my life. I’ve been doing my best to take teeeny tiny snacks every couple of hours, but I have to be ooooohhhh so careful… waddly, third trimester hobble to the bathroom to retch is not so all the attractive you see. Which has GOT to be my most favorite new thing occurring this weekend- The vomit. wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! (morning sickness in the third trimester- that’s me! I rock!)

Other news- my OB is glad I’m doing well…. doing well enough in fact to skip last week’s 2 week check-up and see her this Wednesday instead! woot! My husband used a RECIPE!! I downloaded and printed a stroganoff recipe for him to try and it was AMAZING!! I have the best husband ever!! He has gone from a man who could cook bachelor food like hot dogs and Kr@ft Dinner and pretty much nothing else, to someone who can feed a family, healthily, and do it well… no more “daddy” meals, much to the consternation of our daughter, and my never-ending gratitude and joy. (Oh salad how I love thee!)

And that’s pretty much it. I have a couple of really good friends who stop by regularly to cheer me up and re-introduce me to speech. Placenta brain is doubly killer when you virtually never talk to other people- I couldn’t remember what a backhoe was called and so referred to it as that “digger-thingy” which, my good friend found hilarious since hai- I’m the highest edumacated of most of my friends and referred to as the “grammar n@zi” by my husband. You’d never know it by my blog I know… but really, I AM very well-read and eloquent and have a super awesome kick-ass vocabulary. Also, I got a good chuckle from the same friend for being the most accident prone klutz in creation. This month she decided to stab herself in the foot with a chef’s knife. Damage= 2 severed tendons between her pinky and second-to-last toe, three stitches and crutches for the next week… It’s even more hilarious to me, since I’m her close second in klutziness- I’ve done the stab myself in the foot thing too, only difference being I”m ridiculously lucky- I used a paring knife, missed all the tendons and didn’t need stitches at all!!

And I suppose I should let the rambling stop here since I”m probably making no sense whatsoever and jumping around like my little Peanut is… Kicking so hard it makes my whole belly move- this morning I was resting my book on my belly, and apparently he/she took offense to that because he/she kept kicking the book- HARD… which makes it sincerely hard to read!!

Take care… till next time