Not a whole lot… apparently since I’m doing so well, I”m now allowed to start relaxing some of my restrictions. Woohoo!!! But if I have problems to get my arse back on the couch or I will go directly to hospital- do not pass go, do not collect $200… So yeah!! wooooot!!

Baby’s doing awesome, getting big- apparently so am I… even though I’ve only gained about 10 lbs in this pregnancy, I’m measuring WAY huge for my dates. Like, 33 weeks huge. So not good. I’m not showing any symptoms of GD though… I’ll find out for sure in two weeks after the dreaded horrible no-good very bad awful glucose tolerance test. I was borderline with PMG and was able to keep from going full-blown gestational diabetic by monitoring my diet really closely- so I’m hoping that even though I have PCOS and was overweight at the start of this pregnancy (I was actually borderline UNDERweight when I got pregnant with PMG) that because my diet has been considerably better during this pregnancy and my weight gain much better controlled, we can avoid any signs whatsoever of GD, borderline or otherwise!!

I’m starting to get excited and nervous about the cerclage removal too. Planning things out with hubby today because he’s being moved from one part of his unit to another part, doing a different job- we had to work out the schematics of how things will/will not interfere with dr’s appts. and such. I realized that the end is really quite a bit nearer than I thought- it’s almost MAY!!! Ten weeks¹ seems so far when you’re looking forward, but when I look back and see that I’ve already gone SEVEN on this couch… it’s gone by so fast and I’m SOOOO not prepared for this baby. Not even a little bit remotely close. I don’t have a take-home outfit, I haven’t got the pictures on the walls, I have a butt-ton of laundry to do, blankets to organize, I would ideally like to purchase a dresser before babe gets here too. The nursery right now is a complete jumble of mess. Well, okay, it’s a well-contained mess because I DID just use it to house my nieces in for the weekend they were here, but it’s only contained- not organized. Most things are actually shoved in the closet. I’m panicking about things still left to purchase, like the cloth diapering system I’m hoping to use, the rocker, the extra crib sheets (that for some godforsaken reason are virtually impossible to find in any damn store near where I live- the HELL PEOPLE??? even at walmart!!!) Among a gazillion and one other things that are still needed. ok, so yeah- maybe it’s not NEEDED per se- but I want it demmit!! also- I would be totally open if y’all wanted to donate me money so I can buy a really sexy JJ Cole Diaper bag that there’s no way in hell my husband will let me purchase even though I’m pretty sure I might just sigh a whole lot because I am a covetous bag-and-shoe whore die… Aaaaaaand panic attack over. Because I am sighing and lusting over *my* bag…. I wonder if  I could buy one rigged with some kind of electronics in it the husband might be swayed to just maybe let me get it…. hmmmmm…. must go and come up with evil genius plan to obtain baby bag… will return later to inform you of my progress! For now- take care!

¹For those of you into the maths- yep 26 plus 10 does in fact only equal 36…  which is not necessarily when I will be DONE this pregnancy- but when the nasty cervix-angering stitches will be removed. Average for delivery after removal is 6 days.. so let’s say 10 weeks and 5 days from now I will have a real-live take home baby!!! wooot!!! 😛