Aren’t y’all excited!!???

So first off, an award- oooooooh… shiny!!! 😛 This one came from my sweety,
. The rules state that I must say 10 things about myself, and then nominate 10 others for the award. This is going to be hard!!!

Ten things about me:

1. I can sing. Like really really sing- I was that kid that did talent shows, music & arts festivals, musical stage productions etc… My most recent contributions the music world? I worked as a karaoke jockey when I was 18 (over a decade ago) and I sometimes record songs on an online karaoke site. (feel free to pretend you don’t know me anymore)

2. I am a closet fanboy (fangirl??). I used to read comics like it was my religion. I watch Star Trek and Star Wars and Babylon 5. But not the original Star Trek- William Shatner makes me want to stab myself.

3. I had a breast reduction- while this may make it virtually impossible to breastfeed, which saddens me to no end, it was the smartest and best thing I ever did. After this baby is complete, and I have lost some (more like a fuckton) of weight, I will assess the boobage situation and will likely be going under the knife yet again to shrink the “girls”. An H cup is just a little much doncha think??

4. I am bi-polar. I am currently unmedicated, and hope to remain so. This makes me loathe people who use mental illness as a crutch. Those who are “depressed” and therefore think it’s okay to do whatever they like. I have a chemical imbalance- it DOES NOT make me incapable of determining right from wrong!!!!

5. I drink coffee when I’m pregnant!! And eat tuna too!!! baaahahahahahahah

6. I am/was a nurse. I “retired” and in the last few years have been hedging on whether or not to continue my education. To become a doctor. Scary…

7. I am a DBM- that stands for Dead Baby Mama. It makes other people extremely uncomfortable. I like to throw it into random conversation just to stir things up. I have no shame in telling total strangers that I have a son in heaven and make no apologies for THEM being uncomfortable. I realize that most people think this makes me a rude bitch. And I actually kind of like that…

8. I’m an out-the-closet IF’er… this kinda ties in with the last one. I make no apologies for making other people uncomfortable. If it’s ok for you to tell me that you want an abortion because you had a one night stand and your birth control failed, and the the subsequent production of said night of drunkenness is only “worth it” if the sex was good- you deserve to hear of the joys of hot flashes and cooter cams. Quite frankly, you asked for it asshole!!

9. I come from an extremely abusive background. I hesitate to tell people this and am usually more inclined to tell others of the things in my childhood I”m thankful for. IE: I’m so grateful that my father forced us to go camping every single weekend during summer months for my entire childhood. What I never say is that he only did it so he could spend every single weekend on the golf-course shitfaced. I hated camping, yet have now grown to love it- once in a while!!!

10. Ah fuck… I can’t think of anything for number ten…. I guess my number 10 could be that I always have trouble with these sorts of things…. I have a TONNE of things to say about myself… (um hello? blogger!!) but when you put a finite number of “things about me” or even writing an “about me” I can’t think of anything… or I think of too many things and lose my train of thought and ramble on about nothing…. see- I told you so!!

Ten Bloggers Who deserve an award:

1. Existere
2. Kacy
3. G
4. Wannabmomma
5. Shaz
6. Sonja
7. Kate
8. Aunt Becky

And that’s only 8… but my brain is tired… and Minta stole one of mine… lol I’m always curious to know more about others, so if you stop by, and decide to tell the world 10 things about yourself, leave me a comment to let me know so I can go and read!! 😛

So yeah, I said that was first- with the intention that I would do the 27 week update afterwards. Well, quite frankly there’s not much to tell. I bought some smexy baskets and started to organize the nursery. This would have been much more full of the awesome if it hadn’t sent me into panicking about all the things I still have left to purchase. A lot of stuff being the stuff that would normally be purchased FOR me by others and given at a baby shower, with the exception of I won’t be having one until AFTER this little peanut has arrived safe and sound. I proposed the idea to hubby this weekend of just buying everything we want and if others would like to buy us gifts, they can just give us money for an education fund for baby, or donate to a worthy cause (like, research for preemies!! :P) Or they can even give me coupons for slave labour!! Or stuff that I will need and run out of periodically, like baby wash and lotion. And so yeah…. pretty much an uneventful weekend. Hubby did get out and do the lawn though.. and it rained a wee bit last night and looks like it will rain some more today- so it is starting to look fabuloso!!! We just need to get some grass seed for the dead patches- winter is hell on grass!!! And that is all for now… I need to go and make some lists… lists make me happy… and also I think I need a nap! Laters!!