So I had a totally awesome week this week!! I actually LEFT MY HOUSE!!!!

Went on an outing to the mall, used a motorized scooter to get around so I was not doing any walking/standing. Worked out great. Only complaint is that people are ridiculously rude assholes!! Like seriously, YES I can manouever the damn scooter- but if your goddamn kid THROWS himself at the rear wheels, he may very well get run over. (I managed to stop just in time to avoid running over the horribly misbehaved child’s fingers- barely). Also, people looking at you like you are the lowest life form on earth. Oh my god people- really?? Is this how people look at persons who are disabled all the time?? Like seriously??? I think everyone should have to spend a day as a person with a disability- maybe then they wouldn’t act like such fucking jerkoffs!

Whatevs.. I still enjoyed my outing… it was exhausting, and I’ve had a few contractions to pay for it today- but nothing major. I also came home and did some online shopping. Ordering a moses basket and rocking stand from Se@rs, and the stroller base thingy for our car seat. We had originally decided that we didn’t want a stroller- my husband changed his mind, and so we compromised and bought the car-seat-holder-on-wheels, which not only will take up considerably less room to tote around but also cost $100 less than if we were to buy the stroller to make our car seat into a “travel system”.

Things purchased while I was OUT: super sexy awesome diaper bag that I have lusted over since my LAST pregnancy and the purchase of which is just all the more fulfilling for the oh-so-petty but guiltily decadent feeling of superiority in knowing that clown-car-vagina wants it too. Desperately. And won’t get one- even though it would be her ONLY purchase for this child. (heh- wonder if she’s tried blowjobs??!! bahahahahaha) Another purchase (and yet another JJ Cole item- gawd I must say I looooooove this designer) of something I have lusted over is a diaper caddy with changing pad.

Chocolate brown and cream and it’s hard to see in this pic, but there are also celery green accent stripes as well…. oh how I love green and brown togther… It’s got two compartments on either side of the handle with a pouch on the back to hold the changing pad, as well as a drawer on the front to put your creams and smaller things so they don’t fall out/ get lost. It is just so handy!! To keep around the change table, or to cart around the house- because, really- who wants to haul themselves AND baby upstairs for diaper changes that can be just as effectively handled on the couch/floor/downstairs bathroom counter… Either way, I LOOOOOOVE it!! And I’m so excited that I found it at a local retailer- I had planned on ordering it from b@bies-r-us but actually found it HERE and for a couple bucks cheaper!! hooray!!! We also picked up our monitor, and a few other small things. We are almost ready. The only thing I’m having difficulty with is clothes!! We do not know the sex of our baby, and therefore I am having the WORST time trying to purchase gender-neutral clothing. I still do not have a take-home outfit, nor do I have ANY pants of ANY kind. I have a few onesies, and several sleepers, a few pairs of  socks but that is IT!!!  Anyone have any suggestions for where to find cheap gender-neutral clothing online in CANADA??? (My husband HATES ordering cross-the-border. Customs is a bitch!!)

So, I guess I can end the inventory now… I feel much better after my shopping trip and much less panic about the state of my nursery (which is still a mess, but it’s a mess of shiny new baby things!!) I also feel better because as of tomorrow… I am 28 WEEKSs!!!! wahooooo!!!!! And this means that I have been on bedrest for 9 weeks now- and miraculously no one has been stabbed or bodily harmed in any way. (at least not by me). It also means that in just 8 weeks and 3 days I will have no more stitches!! At least no more stitches in my cervix anyhow!! I cannot WAIT!!!

More to come this week- glucose tolerance on Wednesday… basket and base will arrive later this week… and I may just manage to wrangle another shopping trip from hubby to purchase our combo swing/bouncer/rocker. Wheeeee!! Finally, this pregnancy is starting to actually be FUN…. well, except for the part where I’m re-experiencing morning sickness/nausea and having to get up in the middle of the night to pee about 14 or so times… but mostly- fun!! 😛

Toodles for now!!!