Also GTT day (that’s glucose tolerance test)… and I didn’t puke!!! woooooo!! This is seriously a feat for me, but I think the only reason I managed to choke it down was because they chilled it for me (as requested) which made it significantly less repugnant than usual.

As for the rest of the appt. Doc was slightly concerned about baby measuring over- she suspects there may be extra fluid- I assured her it was most likely a) extra mommy-padding that was pre-existing b) a long-ass baby in a short-ass torso. I told her that my daughter was 21 ¾ inches long at full-term and that I’m only 5’1″ tall, with a really short torso to boot… I ALWAYS measure big… explained how with my daughter my OB had concerns about her being large, and she was 7.5lbs… so no worries… Cervix is doing awesome- no problems there, and the irritation seems to be minimal- no more bleeding anyhow and this is good!! As for contractions, I have been experiencing more of them in the last week, but never more than 2 an hour, which she said is ok. I promised her that if I have more than 4 an hour to get my ass to L&D and she was happy that I’m a good little knowledgeable patient who understands exactly when to worry.

Tonight after getting home, even though hubs and I were both exhausted, we picked up and put together the rocking base for our moses basket- it is even more prettier than I thought it would be.. almost made me teary!! I wish I could post pictures because I totally would!! Gotta get my damn camera working properly!!

In other news- my darling PMG invented a new word today and I love it.. On the drive home she noticed a half-eaten deer carcass in the ditch (it’s the rural prairie folks- it happens!!) So she says to me “Mom! I just saw the most repulsivest thing in the ditch!! It looked like a half-eaten deer!!!” Which, it was… and which, I found the height of hilarity because REPULSIVEST!! That has got to be the most awesome word I’ve heard in a long time. My kid is awesome!! 😛

But now, I am off to watch @merica’s next top hooch (as my husband calls it… when he’s being polite, that is)… Will update yet again when the evil bad no good awful horrible glucose test results are in!! Or Monday… or if anything interesting happens between now and then… whichever comes first!!