Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Went on another short outing today… to pick up my diapers!! woooo!!! Also saw Iron Man 2, which was awesome but I’m not a movie reviewing kinda girl and I don’t want to spoil it for anyone else because I’m sooooo totally bad for doing that because I can never keep my big-ass mouth shut so that is all I will say about that…

The diapers however, are another purchase that is even better than my wildest dreams!! I know, it’s kinda ridiculous to be excited about diapers, but if there are any other cloth diapering mamas out there- I know you’re with me!

The back story: When I was pregnant with PMG (like, a decade ago… eeep) I did some looking into cloth diapers. Keep in mind, I live in the middle of buttfuck nowhere and didn’t have the internets… or a computer… the internets EXISTED…. but it was expensive as hell, and I was 19 and ass-poor. And when I say ass-poor I mean that if someone had offered me money to sell my ass I probably would have… So whatever… the point of this diatribe is this- I could not afford a diaper service or a large initial expense for cloth diapers (which, at that point in time kinda sucked a whole lotta balls anyway) even IF I’d been able to get either of those options anyhow… I used disposables and hated every second of it, and there were countless times I lamented the chemicals that made disposables so absorbent but caused horrific burny rashes on my poor darling daughter. Even now the girl’s sensitive skin causes me no end of grief- ever see a child who loses skin from bandaids?? I have and it’s not f’n pretty!!

Well helllooooo 2010!!

NOW I can get a beautiful starter kit of CANADIAN made, organic cotton cloth diapers for less than $200… The covers are STUNNING (again- I would be ever so grateful to have my camera actually working properly!! – Husband I know you’ve been reading- this is YOU I’m talking to here!!!) And it’s enough diapers/ covers that I will only have to wash them every 2-3 days….. and the size is adjustable so they will last for at least the first 6 months… when I can go out and buy the next size up kit… oh it is a beautiful thing!! And to know that THIS baby will not suffer the fate of PMG and her blistered red tush of doom. That I will not be slave to the expense of disposables (because added up over time, I’ll be saving my ass somewhere in the neighbourhood of $700). And yes.. go ahead and call me a granola-eating-tree-hugger; I will be doing a HUUUUUGE favor to the environment- an environment where my little peanut can and will live in a world that I did not fill with more crap!! (teehee)

And did I also mention that they are PRETTY???!! Here’s an image I *borrowed* of one of the covers I received in my starter kit:

It’s little froggies and omg so cute I could just burst!! There was also white with celery green polka-dots, and a funky green color with a neat pattern, as well as three plain white- white with NOTHING else- which, I know for a fact I will be immensely grateful for if my child ever has a single outfit that is even remotely white/off white or pale in color because another beef I have with disposables is the ever-so-cute images printed on them that are visible on the OUTSIDE of light-colored clothing… yeah, nothing cuter than an ADORABLE little white dress with fucking POOH (and I AM referring to the bear, not actual poo) showing through… and tigger too!!

And these diapers are SOFT on the outside… like, rub your cheek on it soft… and no crinkly noise… lol.. Yeah, I could probably go on all day about how in love I am with these diapers… they’re pretty amazing… I can’t wait to use them!! 😛