29 weeks yo!! yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!

So far, no word back on the evil bad no good awful glucose test, which I am taking as a good sign! Hooray!! Of course the day is only just begun and Mondays are notorious for springing bad news on a person! I’ll keep hoping for no 3 hour glucose and exult in the fact that I am 29 weeks!!!!! wooooo

Am I ridiculously happy about this?? um- does a bear shit in the woods?? Of COURSE I am… just a few (like, 9) short weeks ago I didn’t even think I’d make it to 24 weeks nevermind the 90% survivability of 28- and here I am a week past that!! I remember reading blogs of women who’ve done this before me, who spoke of 14 weeks bed rest with full-term babies, those who were on bed rest who still had preemies, but take home babies nonetheless, and I thought “that will never be me”.. I will never make it that far- and having NO CLUE how on earth anyone could do it. To be on bed rest for such a long time- even with reduced restrictions at some point seemed impossible to me. And yet… here I am- 9 weeks in and still holding on, going strong, obeying the rules and it’s paying off. I’m doing it and I’m going to get the greatest reward a girl can have- my very own take home baby. Squeeeeeeeeeeee!!!