My last post was short and sweet- and I”m thinking it was almost too short and sweet because most of my comments were actually questions!! lmao- that has GOT to be a first for me… I’ve also decided to do a mid-week update!!! I’ve seen a few girls use this question-answer template for weekly updates- I will keep my Monday ramblings intact, yet I’m gonna try to add this on Wednesdays- since they are significant for me as well, as all of my OB appts fall on Wednesday (it’s a quirk of my OB – the only day she sees her maternity patients is on Wednesdays… it actually makes it pretty easy on me though- I can pretty much never forget an appt!!)

So- to answer the questions that were put to me… The soap I am/will be using (while I haven’t yet finished a load with it- I will update when I have) is called Wonder Wash. It’s a Canadian-made product, which makes life exceedingly easy for me, living in the Great White North- ordering things cross-border is an exceptionally huge pain in my ass… I also believe in supporting my country and it’s economy- so… Wonder Wash it is.. (just a note- we Canadians also make the best diaper rash cream EVAH-it’s called Dimpleskins Bum Bum Balm- it’s *safe* for use with cloth diapers… which isn’t to say that other creams aren’t, just that it’s recommended because it won’t leave residue behind like zinc based creams… and yes it’s organic, all-natural, scent free… ok fine I admit I’m a crunchy granola hippy ok… ) On that note, another question I was asked is whether or not I’ve taken Metformin during my pregnancy. The answer is no- I was advised by my RE to STOP taking Met as soon as we had a confirmed pregnancy, as the safety is not thoroughly established for use during pregnancy. It was basically a contest of pros vs. cons. Thus far my weight gain has been conservative, and pretty much dead-on for what is expected of an overweight preggo. I haven’t had any signs or symptoms of GD with the exception of measuring large for dates, which is also a sign of being overweight in the first place, indicative of the fact that I am in fact correct in my dating of being 1 week further along than is currently believed by my OB. It also is identical to my previous full-term pregnancy in that my baby was ridiculously long and I am 5’1¾” tall. Short-ass fat girl measures large for dates… this is nothing new!! So, therefore it was deemed that unless I ended up with GD we would treat conservatively and attempt to control my sugars through the use of diet and weight control. Truthfully, I won’t be surprised to either pass or fail my 3 hour glucose- I was borderline GD with my daughter and at that point in my life was actually underweight- not overweight, and PCOS was not an issue. I was able to control my sugar through diet and exercise alone, I’m hoping that to be the case here as well, but if I have to  take medication- meh… it won’t be the end of the world!

How far along? 29 weeks 4 days

Maternity clothes? I pretty much hadn’t STOPPED wearing maternity clothes from my last pregnancy… so um, I’d have to say yeah… being on bed rest though, I customarily lounge about in big comfy cotton pajama pants and tshirts/tanks

Stretch marks? for the last decade!! lol…. I haven’t really gotten any NEW stretch marks… I’m a lot more anal about using lotions/creams this time… got this St. Ives collagen one that’s supposed to really help can’t say for sure that it has… but whatevs! It feels nice and relieves the itch from the stretching! smells perty too!!

Sleep? Like a baby- literally, 2 hours here… 3 hours there… I seriously feel like all I do is eat, sleep, and urinate…

Best moment this week? Iron Man 2… *drool* Robert Downey Jr is some definite eye candy…. and also Glee last night… Puck singing Sammy Davis Jr. wearing a Fedora… can anyone say wet panties??

Worst moment? Had a day of missing my son… still catches me off-guard sometimes….

Movement? spurts and fits… we have slow days and hyper days… Stewart’s Orange Cream cola really gets us going… too bad we won’t be having none of that anymore if I do have GD!!

Food cravings? I must needs eat Cheerios every morning… I don’t know why… but right now Cheerios are like, the food of the Gods or something… also, in stereotypical preggo style- I feel the urge for pickles… mmmm pickles….

Gender? Feeling more boyish… dreamed last night of a strapping baby boy, big and healthy and happy…

What I miss? Not being sore and tired… being able to just go go go all the time… It’s actually harder now not to push a little bit with the reduced restrictions.. when I was ONLY allowed to use the washroom- I pretty much did nothing- it was hard, but I got used to it… now I’m allowed to do other things, within reason- it’s really hard to STAY within those parameters- I’m so used to pushing myself- especially with having Fibro, I tend to push myself harder, because I have days when I really CAN’T do anything at all.

What I look forward to: Having this baby- I’m actually kind of excited for labour- I keep thinking how awesome it will be to experience having this child with my husband there, and how wonderful it will be for my daughter to finally meet her sibling…

Milestones: I’ve been on bed rest longer than I have left to go in this pregnancy… and no one has been stabbed!!! 😛

Emotions: Feeling really excited and positive. Looking forward to the birth of this child, feeling totally confident in myself and my plans for a natural (as possible) birth. Seeing as how I’ve been contracting on and off for almost 10 weeks- it’s hard NOT to feel confident in my ability to handle the pain of childbirth!! lol

And that is all for now… I just wanna say thanks to all the ladies popping by, offering support, and asking questions- it makes me feel special and needed… which is ever so important when you feel kinda useless being on bed rest and not able to do all the things you normally do! I appreciate each and every one of you!!