That I got stabbed 8 times and fainted. Teehee… at least I didn’t puke… and I actually didn’t even break my record of pokes from my last 3 hour glucose test… which was 9 times… normal people get poked 5… I’m special!! It went in a great pattern… my first poke, they got on the first try. The second took two tries. The third… well, that’s when they said, to hell with this shit and started using my hands.. I’m kind of grateful I can type with my right hand at all right now- it hurts like a mofo, which is ridiculous because they actually only stabbed it twice. My left arm on the other hand (baahahaha- that was totally unintentional) looks like it belongs to a failure of a heroin junky. Its full of visible holes and bruised like crazy!! So whatevs- I”m hard to get blood out of… but that’s not the REALLY fun part!! The best thing ever is that when you dehydrate a pregnant woman, who has insulin resistant PCOS, and then send her blood sugar skyrocketing, and stab three extra times, and each time you do it sends her blood pressure up, which then promptly comes back down because you’re TAKING what seems like every ounce of blood out of her body- she passes out. And then when she comes to on the little “bed” thingy you have in the back room to some whiny bitch of a man who swears you can’t take more than two vials of blood or he will pass out.. and he HASN’T been starved for more than 12 hours and ISN’T pregnant.. and he’s not even SICK – the bloodwork he’s having done is ROUTINE for a yearly physical… and it makes her giggle uncontrollably because now she doesn’t  feel so much like an asshole for fainting… because SHE has had three?? four?? vials of blood taken already and six?? seven?? pokes… and is f’n STARVING and dehydrated. And she didn’t whine…  just politely asked for a place to lie down because she wasn’t feeling so good and then she doesn’t really remember if she made it onto the little bed-thingy or not because her legs were kinda feeling like jelly and she woke up like, half an hour later than when she last remembers being conscious… but other than that everything was awesome!!

Hubby took me for an awesome lunch (pulled pork fajitas…mmmmmm) and then we braved the W@lmart on what was apparently “bring your whiny, sucky, flipping shit kid who REALLY should be having a nap at this time to W@lmart Day” I have seriously, in all my life never seen so many kids completely losing their shit and having massive temper tantrums in such a short period of time in my WHOLE life- and I used to run an at-home daycare… I ALSO used to work as a pediatric nurse who gave immunizations about 20 times a day… so yeah- it was interesting. I bought more stuff!! bahahaha… was LOOKING for a super-cool convertible swing… but apparently the W@lmart here sucks (not surprised) but they DID finally have crib sheets for a decent price… so I bought two! Pretty celery green with chocolate brown polka dots.. and a yellow one with crazy colorful circle patterns… both gorgeous!! 😛 Also bought wipes in a pop-up container to use the container when I make my own wipes… heh.. and some nighties to wear at the hospital- buttons part way down the front and light breezy soft cotton… old lady jammies if I’ve ever seen em… but actually kinda pretty… and they will be comfy…. and they were cheap… so if I ruin em… who cares!! 😛 and then I had to go home and take a nap because holy crap was I tired.. so I napped pretty much for the rest of the day… from like,k 2 in the afternoon until 4:30… at which point I ate, and vegged out in front of the tv… and then went to bed… and had the WORST TIME EVER trying to get to sleep… but I feel good this morning… and the sunshine has come back!! yay!! I hope it stays so hubby can mow the lawn this weekend… We made it all perty and fertilized it and added some seed to the dead areas…and then it pretty much has rained since then… so our lawn is starting to look like  a jungle… pretty- but jungle…

And now, because I am rambling even worse than usual… I”ma go… and probably have a nap!! laters!!