I started the process of diabetic/dietitian counselling yesterday. The nurse educator was awesome- the dietitian, I think is used to dealing with morons who don’t know WHY they have diabetes, and most likely have diabetes related to their diet. I already KNEW where the weak points in my diet were, and have been doing my best to eliminate them, so there really wasn’t much for her to teach me. There were a couple things I didn’t know, and I can definitely afford to tweak my diet- I did learn a couple things, but for the most part I think I just pissed the dietitian off because I knew so much. (um-hai, I was a nurse dum-dum!!)

So I now have a shiny new Glucometer which is a breeze to use and the lancet system with this particular model doesn’t make me want to cry every time I have to poke my finger. (I really really really hate having to poke my fingers). We’re going to see how this week goes, hopefully with the slight modifications to my diet and monitoring, I can tweak my diet to keep my sugars under control and can avoid having to take insulin. I’m cautiously optimistic- I had a REALLY high reading after lunch yesterday but even with eating a not-the-best supper, I had a really good reading!!

In other news- My in-laws are almost here!!!! hooray!!!! They were *here* (they have three kids and spend equal time with all of them, so they were at my house for a week, their daughter’s for a week, and their other son’s for a week- we all live within 2 hours of each other) for most of April before heading out west to visit family and friends. Now they’re on their way back out east- they’re likely going to be staying in this area for most of June though- lots of goings on happening. Their daughter, the sister-in-law who I loooove is graduating from college in exactly two weeks- then they have two new grandbabies due to arrive after that. (only one is mine- no surprises here folks! My evil s.i.l is pregnant too!) It makes me glad we bought a really nice bed for the spare bedroom- hopefully they’ll stay here the longest!! I really really love my in-laws!!! They are the best!! I even love arguing with my f.i.l. about hockey and politics… which we do a lot! Squeeeeeeeeeee!! I’m so happy!!

But now, I have to go stab myself, then eat… then stab myself again… so I’m gonna go and get that over with! Take care!